FAA/Certification Resources:

Scottsdale FSDO


Flight Physical (only needed for Private Pilot or higher)



Arizona Flight Training Workgroup 

Publications and Navigation/Charts for iPad/Tablets

Listen to local ATC (helps to with ATC communications):




Airplane Flying Handbook: Digital Copy


Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge: Digital Copy


Instrument Procedures Handbook: Digital Copy


Powered Parachute Flying Handbook: Digital Copy


Hangar/Parking Map (PDF)- coming soon

Remos GX POH (Rev 05) (PDF Download)- coming soon

Legend POH (PDF Download)- coming soon

Glendale Airport PPC Procedures (PDF)- coming soon

Pleasant Valley Airport PPC Procedures (PDF)- coming soon


Recommended Organizations:

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Experiment Aircraft Association

Arizona Pilots Association

Society of Aviation and Flight Educators