Tyler R. Sepp
President Eagle Sport LLC

Tyler Sepp’s passion for flying was deeply rooted in his childhood. Flying RC airplanes when he was nine years old, he would do anything to continue to learn more and find ways to pursue his dreams. At fourteen, he soloed a glider and became a certified pilot at 16. He then went on to became a flight instructor at 18 and achieved the highest pilot certificate (Airline Transport Pilot) at 23 with a type rating in the Boeing 737. Since then, he has flown several different civilian jobs and is currently a military pilot in the Arizona National Guard. Tyler founded Eagle Sport LLC after years of dreaming of a better way to share his passion for flight.

Phil Corbell

Phil Corbell is a Master Instructor Emeritus whose flying experience covers a wide range of aircraft and diversified types of flying, having flown in the military, commercial aviation and general aviation, including flight instruction, and glider and banner towing.  He flew B-52s and T-38s in the Air Force, and holds the following FAA licenses:

  • ATP for ASMELS (Airplane Single & Multi Engine Land & Sea aircraft), with Type Ratings in the B-737, CE-500, and SF-340
  • Commercial privileges for Rotorcraft (helicopters and gyroplanes), for Gliders (air-tow & ground launch), and Balloons
  • CFI (Gold Seal) for Gliders, Sport Pilot Instructor for ASEL, and commercial Balloon Instructor
  • Basic & Advanced Ground Instructor

Phil specializes in teaching young people to fly, older pilots who are returning to flying, and people who need to deal with handicapping issues.  He also does aircraft checkouts and transition training to flat panel (EFIS) displays for current pilots.  He has soloed students on their 14th birthday (obtaining their Private Pilot License on their 16th birthday), and given instruction to students and pilots in their 80s.  Phil is a FAA Safety Team Lead Representative for the Scottsdale FSDO and Wings program specialist.  He is also the AOPA Airport Support Network (ASN) Representative for the Glendale Airport (GEU), a charter member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE), and a member of the Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group (ASAG).

Phillip Council

Phillip Council is a CFI whose background in aviation is diverse. Phil’s career in aviation started in the Air Force where he spent his first four years as a Tactical Aircraft Maintainer (Crew Chief) specializing on the F-16CG and was qualified in work on the A-10, RQ-9, U-2, F-15, and F-22. He then transitioned into an aircrew position on the C-130J as a Loadmaster. It was in this position that he accumulated experience in a crew-type environment and has experience in flight operations worldwide.  His military training is extensive and supports his ability to be a well-rounded instructor, communicate effectively and efficiently, and finally, mentor and lead as an instructor should.

Phil initially started at a small flight school in Little Rock, Arkansas and trained under part 141. It was there where he got the licenses and ratings necessary to be a Certified Flight Instructor. It was then that he was picked up as an Instructor Pilot teaching full time for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott. He has since left and now teaches full-time at Transpac Aviation Academy and flies part time for Eagle Sport LLC and their team. His experience includes physiological training in a hypobaric chamber to include rapid decompression, crew resource management training, high pressure altitude flying operations, and mountain flying.

Ryan Felt

Ryan graduated from Utah State University’s College of Engineering with a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Technology/Professional Pilot.  He earned his CFI certificate in 2011 and moved to Phoenix in 2012.  He is an experienced flight instructor with nearly 1000 hours of instruction given and has a passion for teaching and exposing people to the freedom and thrill of aviation.  Ryan works to custom tailor his instruction to suit each student’s aviation goals.  He continues to instruct while holding a full time job as a regional airline pilot and serves in the Army National Guard part time as a UH-60
Blackhawk helicopter pilot. CFI ratings held:  CFI, CFII, MEI

Johnathan Smith

aka LightSport Man

Hometown was Brooklyn, New York and then moved to Phoenix Arizona is a Light Sport Enthusiast from the time that he gets up until he goes back to sleep he is doing some with Light Sport aviation. Johnathan Smith aka Lightsport Man holds a number of FAA certificates: Sport Pilot, Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI), Commercial Remote Pilot and also Certified Flight Instructor – Sport (CFI-S). His story has been in many aviation outlets and in local news.  For more information about him please checkout
Certified Flight Instructor – Sport (CFI-S) | Pilot | Remote Pilot | Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) | Light Sport Enthusiast | Consultant  | Author

Jackie Whitford began her flying adventure in 1990, while she was working as a corporate librarian for Honeywell/BULL in Phoenix. Currently, she is an active member of the Phoenix Ninety-Nines, an international organization of women pilots.

For 3 ½ years, Jackie volunteered as a leader in an Aviation Explorer Post of the Boy Scouts, which consisted of 18 teenagers: 14 boys and 4  girls. It was during this time that Jackie discovered she enjoyed sharing her knowledge and experience with these young people, and decided to become a full-time flight instructor.

In 2003, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) presented Jackie with the prestigious “Flight Instructor of the Year” award. This lead to other engagements as an FAA Aviation Safety Counselor and participant in the Arizona Flight Training Workgroup.  She is currently in the process of becoming a Designated Pilot Examiner.

*All instructors listed above operate independently of Eagle Sport LLC and are not employees of Eagle Flight LLC, or its associated LLCs.